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Committed to Quality

Solar Design Pros works to bring your solar projects to life in the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable manner. Realizing that many clients don’t have the resources or expertise in-house to complete their projects on-budget, on-time, and on-scope, we operate as an extension of your team to get the job done right.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and high standards of excellence, yet we do not compromise budgets and timelines to achieve this. Rather, we tap into our expertise, ingenuity, and sheer work ethic to successfully complete your project based on your requirements and business objectives.

Our turnkey services, delivered by a team of professional engineers, make the entire project easier on you while saving time and money. We handle all the details (so you don’t have to), collaborating and communicating with you each step of the way. What’s more, our experience working on numerous projects throughout the Central Valley and Central Coast translates into unparalleled local knowledge, expertise, and responsiveness.

The Right System for Your Project

When considering an energy-efficient residential development, it’s imperative to have a solar expert on your side. Enter Solar Design Pros.

Recognizing that your decision to include solar energy with your project is a one-time event, we make sure you implement the right system—one that’s properly designed and installed for optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Our years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and consulting expertise will help move your project forward in the most cost-effective and timely manner, to maximize your profitability and return on investment.

What’s more, your customers will have a state-of-the-art solar system they can enjoy for years to come, creating significant ownership value.

Our customized residential projects include:

  • Roof mounts
  • Ground mounts
  • Carports
  • Batteries
  • And more

Our residential solar permit packages include:

  • Title page
  • Solar/PV layout
  • Anchoring method
  • Wiring diagram
  • Signage
  • Specification sheets

Complete Services Tailored to Your Needs

Solar Design Pros offers comprehensive engineering and consulting services for a range of commercial and industrial projects — from single office buildings and corporate campuses to large warehouses and production facilities.

Our services are tailored to your specific project requirements, designed to meet both your immediate and long-term needs, and focused on your bottom line. After all, you’re seeking a return on investment from your project, and our goal is to help you realize and maximize that as quickly as possible with a high-performing system.

As your trusted commercial and industrial solar partner, we collaborate closely with you from the beginning to understand your requirements and deliver the best possible outcomes to achieve your time, cost, and performance goals.

Our customized commercial and industrial consulting services cover:

  • Pre-sales support
    • Consultation on requirements (cost, efficiency, etc.)
    • Drawings for sales proposals
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Risk management and due diligence
  • Complete design packages (for bidding and internal use)
    • Permit packages
    • Construction packages
    • As-builts
    • Commercial and industrial solar services
  • Design build and changes
    • Project team collaboration
    • Technical support (on- and off-site)
    • Plan revisions (for inspections, commissioning reports, etc.)

Explore how we support specific phases of your project lifecycle:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Permitting
  • Site Surveying
  • Interconnection

Expedition through Expertise

Solar offers project owners a huge opportunity to maximize their returns, yet it requires thoughtful consideration to successfully incorporate into your project.

Every stage of the solar project has its unique challenges and complexities. Solar Design Pros has the expertise to guide you each step of the way, helping to expedite your project in the most timely and cost-effective manner, so that you can quickly achieve your desired return on investment.

From feasibility assessments and planning through design, construction, and startup, our professional engineers add superior expertise to your team with our comprehensive consulting services.

We leverage proven processes and methodologies, along with advance technology, to optimize all key elements of your project, including the installation site, sunlight exposure, installation process, and more.

Our consulting services encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed plans and specifications
  • Due diligence assessments
  • PVSyst modelling
  • Installation and construction oversight
  • And more

Explore how we support specific phases of your project lifecycle:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Permitting
  • Site Surveying
  • Interconnection

An Expert Partner By Your Side

We want your solar project to be professionally engineered, expertly constructed, and efficiently managed during operation. Our customized on-site services ensure every aspect of your project is completed with utmost attention and quality, in accordance to your requirements and goals.

Our expert team works closely with you to provide the engineering and construction oversight your project needs, including detailed observation, evaluation, and inspection. We are completely impartial, offering independent assessments for your stakeholders, while assuring you have the information to protect your interests and mitigate risk.

With Solar Design Pros at your side, you’ll have confidence that your project team is adhering to the plans and specifications, terms of your contract, and other requirements to achieve quality, compliance, performance, and sustainability.

Our on-site services include:

  • Site Survey
  • Feasibility verification
  • Permit approval processing
  • Stakeholder collaboration and coordination
  • Documentation review
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Engineering issue resolution
  • Local utility and state agency contact
  • Inspection and commissioning support
  • And more

Explore how we support specific phases of your project lifecycle:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Permitting
  • Site Surveying
  • Interconnection

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